The Types Of Senior Walkers – Everything You Need To Know

The seniors often have problems with walking and there is no better tool that assist them than the walkers. The walkers are designed so the seniors could use them to walk and stay active, especially after they suffer serious conditions or operations that affect their walking abilities. In this article, we will talk about the different types so you could see reviews of the best walkers for seniors if you are interested in the best ones. We will explain the different types and how they should look for when choosing it for themselves.

The standard walkers

These are classic aluminum-frame walkers that use the rubber on the lower sides of the legs to prevent the slipping and provide stability. Due to the aluminum construction, these are super lightweight and these offer the best stability.

However, do have in mind that these are designed solely for the slow walk and for the flat surface without bumps, holes or uneven floors. Also, these are made for people how have the upper-body strength as the person has to lift it off, move it forward for a couple of inches and then take steps forward. As these offer a high level of stability, you can use these to go downstairs as well, just have in mind that the stronger foot needs to lead your weaker foot.

The walkers with the front wheel

If you are looking for the walker that offers great support and stability on the rough and even ground, then the ones with the front wheel should be your number one choice. The two wheels help you to move faster and easier over the rough surface as you simply need to push it, not lift it up.

Therefore it is more appropriate for people who do not have a strong upper body. However, the front wheel walker offers less stability than the standard one, though some allow you to remove the wheels so you could use it as the standard model.

The rolling walker

The third type usually comes with three or four wheels and it comes equipped with the hand-operated brakes. The rolling models mainly use people who have good stability and require only a bit of help.

The rolling walker
Choose the best rolling walker

Depending on the manufacturer, these come with the small pouch that can offer the seat that allows you to take the break and rest a bit. These models are mainly used for outdoor use and they are not that lightweight as the previous two models.

What do you need to consider when buying one?

Please have in mind the width, weight, seat and handle height, capacity, the foldability as well as the price of it. Depending on your condition, you may need one that offers more stability but with the greater foldability. Therefore, it is important to consider all these things before you buy one, as these are not really cheap. Whatever type you buy, make sure that you buy from the official retailer so you could return it if it does not fit your needs.