Five Celebrities With A Surprisingly High Net Worth

It’s no secret that stars make huge amounts of money. Not only do they participate in TV shows, music, and movie projects, but they have a lot of side gigs that bring them enormous wealth.

And while we expect famous people to have big bank accounts, some celebrities earn more than you would ever guess.

For instance, would you say that magicians can earn almost billion-dollar, or that athletes keep making billions even after they retire?Well, it’s true, so to avoid all conspiracies and second-guessing, we are going to reveal you the list of celebrities that have a surprisingly high net worth.

Ed Sheeran

This 29-year-old singer might be both more than $200 million by now, and he’s on track to become a billionaire by his 30th birthday, according to information available on Fox Business.

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His wealth is exponentially growing thanks to lucrative tours, and which rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.Based on some estimates, Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour supposedly pulled $500 million in sale. So, whether you love him or hate him, this singer is staying on top.

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”

It seems that lately, “The Rock” is in a lot of big-budget movies, and he has the money to show for it. Besides his involvement in the movie industry, this actor has collaboration with Under Armour, while owning part of Voss Water.

Back in 2018, the Forbes magazine named Dwayne Johnson, the highest-paid actor. He even posted this on Instagram, stating he worked really hard for everything, but that he never dreamed he would become the highest-paid actor.

You have to admit that besides his acting career, “The Rock” has some unique appeal, no wonder he’s the best of the best.

Jessica Alba

Who would have thought that Jessica Alba is richer than dirt? While her personal net worth is not something you should neglect, her business net worth is even higher. In 2011 she founded “The Honest” company, which sells various beauty and baby products.

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According to some estimates, the company is worth nearly $1 billons, and Jessica owns a substantial percentage of the company’s stocks. Let’s just agree that Alba is investing in herself.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain has been in the music industry since the 90s, and she managed to accumulate quite an impressive amount of wealth and the last couple of decades.

Forbes named this Twain as one of the top earners among all country performers. In 2019, she managed to earn nearly $29 million, not only from selling albums but from her Las Vegas residency as well.

Judge Judy

The majority of Judge Judy’s money comes from a reality TV show which has been on TV screens since 1996. But, throughout her life, Judge Judy managed to make a lot of savvy business deals, which brought her even more cash.

One of the most lucrative deals she ever made was selling the right to the TV show, and supposedly earn $100 million in 2017.