Fish That Lives In Freshwater: What Can You Catch With Lures?

Whether you are fishing in salt waters or in freshwaters, having the dolphin lures makes things a lot easier, especially as you can catch larger fish. Still, a lot of people do not know what species they can catch in freshwater and what in saltwater and for this reason, we have decided to write this article.

As you know, both saltwater and freshwater have their own advantages, but for now, we will stick to the freshwaters. So, take a look at the fish that you can expect to see in the freshwater.


Yes, salmon is one of the most frequent species that you will find in freshwater, especially in the region of Northern America. Salmon is andromous species, which means it lives both in seas and rivers. It is a muscular, big and super-healthy fish that bursts with omega-3-acids that our bodies crave for.

Holding Bass Fish
Bass Caught In River

Though most of the salmon’s population is centered in the Bering Sea and the Labrador Sea around Canada, there are freshwaters in that host these easy-to-catch preys. The most interesting thing is that salmon travels from freshwater to saltwater, to get back in the freshwater to spread its population further so it is one of the rare species that has life like this.


Bluegill is one of those species that is always hungry and you will have no problem catching it as you can use pretty much any bait or lure. Bluegill likes to stay a bit deeper, so make sure that you have enough line, a good bobber and enough weight to be able to offer the food on the right depth.

It also has a unique construction and can be found in the old trees and stumps that lay down in the water. The underwater structures are the best locations to look for this fish as it likes to stay hidden.


 Little Catfish In Hand
Catching Catfish On Fishing

One of the most common types that you encounter in the mud of freshwaters is catfish. There are many different groups of this particular species and they are all recognizable for their whiskers that resemble of cat’s and therefore the name comes from. One of the main characteristics is that these are nocturnal and the best time to catch them is to go by night. Catfish is also a big one so you will need a good rod with a strong line that can pull it out.


Trout stay in the flock so your chances of getting one are huge as long as you pick the right location. One of the best advice is to keep casting around and close the rocks that are in water since they eat plants and algae that stick to the rocks and grow.

Even though present in many different subspecies, lake trout is the most common one in the freshwaters and it is considered to have the most of the healthy oils. If you go for it, fly fishing is the best method to catch it as it likes flies and insects more than anything.